Nature Clinic™ CoQ10 150mg 65/130 Capsules
Nature Clinic Lecithin
Nature Clinic™ CoQ10 150mg is a High-strength Nature Clinic™ Co-enzyme Q10 is naturally fermented for superior purity and suspended in a soy-free Rice Bran Oil base. Known to helps maintain healthy heart function, essential for energy production, maintain normal blood pressure in healthy individuals and assists to maintain healthy cell membranes.

What is CoQ10?

Co-enzyme Q10 is a natural antioxidant found in the body’s cells. CoQ10 is vital for energy production and is found in high concentration in the heart, liver and kidneys where energy demand is the highest.

The amount of CoQ10 in the body decreases with age, so supplementation may be beneficial.

What is CoQ10 good for?

  • CoQ10 helps produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP) – your body’s energy source. Deficiency in CoQ10 may cause fatigue, loss of stamina, sore muscles and cramping.

  • CoQ10 can help maintain a healthy cardiovascular system by supporting heart function, healthy tissue and blood vessel health.

  • CoQ10 may reduce the oxidation of LDL (bad) cholesterol.

  • CoQ10 may prolong the antioxidant activity of Vitamin E.

  • CoQ10 can be useful for endurance in active people, helping to prevent fatigue and assist recovery after exercise.  

Why choose Nature Clinic™ CoQ10, 150mg?

Nature Clinic™ Co Q10 is a high strength, high purity Co Q10, naturally fermented by live bacteria or yeast to make it identical to the body’s own Co Q10. Suspended in Rice Bran Oil, Nature Clinic Co Q10 is easy to absorb and suitable for soy-intolerant people.