Nature Clinic™ Lung Clear 90 Capsules
Nature Clinic Lung Clear Capsules
Nature Clinic™ Lung Clear contains natural products including licorice, astragalus, albizzia and Eriobotrya japonica.  These ingredients have been specially chosen for their effect on healthy respiratory function, immune support and reduced congestion in the lungs, sinuses, throat and nasal passages.
Why Use Lung Clear?


  • Relief from phlegm, minor coughs and throat irritations

  • Relieve excess mucous from the respiratory tract

  • May assist symptoms of allergic rhinitis

  • Supports a healthy immune system

Why Nature Clinic™ Lung Clear?
  • Nature Clinic™ is a genuine and exclusive Australian brand, available in selected retail outlets.

  • Nature Clinic™ is a well known,  reputable brand in the Australian natural supplements markeplace.

  • Premium Quality Guaranteed

  • Australian Made

  • Australian-Owned

  • Clear phlegm and mucous

  • Reduce throat irritations

  • Assist symptoms of allergic rhinitis

  • Natural expectorant to reduce minor coughs and chest condition