Nature Clinic™ Squalene 1000mg 360 Capsules
Nature Clinic Squalene 1000mg
Nature Clinic™ Squalene is a premium product from the southern dogfish shark, shown to yield the highest concentration of squalene and alkyglycerides. Proudly Australian Made and Owned, Nature Clinic™ Squalene is manufactured in a GMP facility so you can trust its quality, purity and our processes in delivering this premium natural health product to you.

Squalene is a natural lipid that helps protect and nourish the skin. Like other fish oils, Squalene is useful for maintaining a healthy immune system and reducing inflammation making it a powerful natural support for health and beauty. Squalene is a natural oil that collects near the skin’s surface, providing moisture and fullness for a youthful complexion. The amount of natural squalene in our skin reduces over time and by our early 40s our skin is often depleted. We can increase squalene intake through foods like olive oil, rice bran and wheat germ, however the most concentrated source is found in the liver of the dogfish shark.


Why Squalene?

VITAMIN A: For immune health, vision, and reproductive support. You can find Vitamin A in most anti-ageing skincare products under the name ‘Retin A’ - useful for treating conditions such as sun spots and acne.

VITAMIN D: Vitamin D is required to absorb calcium and phosphorus and build bone strength.

VITAMIN E: Provides cardiovascular support, healthy eyes, and helps protect the skin from sun damage. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that promotes all over good health.

Taking Nature Clinic™ Squalene each day may assist you to:


  • Improve your complexion

  • Alleviate skin conditions

  • Combat the effects of premature ageing

  • Help maintain a healthy immune system

  • Provide relief from inflammatory conditions

  • Maintain your general wellbeing